Azione_di_Brema _1986

Matrices, an accumulation of possible shapes, from the physical object comes a plan preserving intact tactility and beauty undeniably instrumental  to the sculpture. A work of art creating another work of art, a symbiosis of meaning, a mark, complementary to its own matrix, is an amplification of  the initial core narrative. Unwrapping a wrapped and contracted shape, engraves progressions of itself along a space, for a time.  Fossil tearing that  scratches a groove, engraves a message, an integral action where lurks the difference, interpretation, others. Whoever brings into being a difference  opens up possibilities for development.
Transformation of soma in topos. A clot of possible shapes, evolves, rotates and gives the bas-relief continuous physical memory. Space and time  involved, the mark proposes a virtual path and yet is a premonition of reality that expands its boundaries to the limits imposed by tradition. The print  transcends the ambient, it becomes a place, landscape itself, a sequence of valleys and hills, abysses and planes. The material cut into with cryptic  signs imprints itself on other intact material and the earth is taught how to jump genetically. There is no perspective, however it suggests directions,  hints of collective symbols and brings memories of a physical journey.

(Francesco Somaini)